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Telecommunications Law

Our telecommunications practice is based on an expert-level understanding of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and a depth of experience with the zoning, leasing and licensing components of building and operating telecommunication facilities on Long Island and in New York City.

We serve our clients by navigating through some of the most highly regulated and legally challenging jurisdictions in the country to obtain the permits and approvals necessary to build the facilities that serve one of the nation's busiest wireless markets.

From inception to completion, our telecommunications attorneys provide a full scope of service, including site and zoning feasibility assessments, title and environmental review, application processing and management, public hearings and the procurement of necessary permits. Our expertise in this highly specialized practice area is comprehensive, and our attorneys are also experienced in drafting and negotiating the unique licenses, leases, access agreements and easements relating to telecommunication facilities. In addition, our litigators are well-versed and experienced with the laws and issues that are particular to this specialized practice area.

The Amato Law Group is the leading telecommunications law firm in the region and today, if you are communicating on your wireless device in New York City or on Long Island, it is likely that our firm handled the legal work necessary to transmit your communications.

Federal Communications Commission
Telecommunications Act of 1996



Concealment Structures

Site/Zoning Considerations

Municipal Approvals and Permitting
Technology Up-grades